Old John

The Pimp of Cicero


Quote: “There’s two ways this thing can go down, gentlemen. The easy way, where we all come out smelling like roses, and the hard, where you don’t come out at all.”

Description: This small man’s modest clothing and simple appearance belies the lethal monstrous strength obvious in his graceful movements. Dark, simple slacks sheath his legs, his waistband held up by a pair of suspenders over a white collared shirt. His graying hair is slightly wild, as if he just interrupted a session of wild sex to speak with you, and his rough stubble seems to attest to his embrace in a bygone age. His eyes, inky pools of darkness, reflect nothing save this monster’s infinite hunger.


Background: They called him Old John even before the fire swept through the city. They say that when the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad first connected the town with Chicago in 1848, he was already there, ruling from the shadows. They say a lot of things, but Old John is, without a doubt, one of the (if not the) eldest Kindred in the area. Like all independent vampires that manage to garner so much power that the great covenants have to consider them equals, Old John serves as the subject of so many stories and urban legends that no one knows which are true and which are fictitious. These tales are so many and so varied, that even were only a fraction of them true, he would still cut a terrifying figure.

Old John

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