Frank "The Shark" Bostow

The Architect


Quote: “Chicago’s a hard town, but a good town. But there’re Kindred out there who would destroy everything we hold dear.”

Description: Shark Bostow hasn’t quite escaped the seventies. If anyone’s told him that disco is dead, he missed the memo. An older man with a shining bald pate half-circumscribed with long, stringy hair, Bostow barely fits into flared polyester bell-bottoms or his wide-collared shirt. A gold medallion around his neck prominently features an M, presumably short for “Movement.” His smile seems omnipresent, his too-white teeth shining over his compatriots and enemies alike.


Background: Bostow commanded a unit during the Great War and has had a rather untoward relationship with the communists ever since. Embraced during the first years of McCarthyism, the paranoia of the period seems to have settled into his very blood. The Vitae of Clan Gangrel revitalized his aging body, and Bostow served as a hound under Prince Maxwell’s predecessor and then as sheriff under the Matriarch. His popularity spans the Carthian Movement, so few were surprised when his covenant elected him to serve as their representative among the Matriarch’s advisors.

Frank "The Shark" Bostow

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