Cold Charlotte

Idealist Firebrand


Quote: “Sure she’s changed the names, but that’s about it. There ain’t no seneschal or herald, now. No, she’s just got titled Carthians doin’ the same shit.”

Description: A short woman with skin the color of coffee and the physique and lithe musculature of a bullwhip, Charlotte affects a gangland guerilla fashion. Camouflage fatigues end in black boots, and a red beret rests atop a closely-shaven head. Her movements are sharp and sudden, as if driven by the anger that simmers behind her eyes.


Background: Born in the South before the Jim Crow Laws fell, Charlotte witnessed the civil rights movement firsthand. She watched as white America murdered her heroes. She mourned the collapse of the Black Panthers. Yet she still saw enough of the good in white Americans (and the abuse that they experienced under the system as well) to blame the society rather than the race. A misguidedly violent attempt at protest left her practically beaten to death in a back alley of Chicago. Her sire ensured that she’d haunt those streets for decades to come.

Cold Charlotte

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