Chuck Fischer

The Gun Runner


Quote: “Yeah, yeah, I can make that happen for you, no problem.”

Description: Everything about Fisher reminds one of a bottle of booze hidden away in a wrinkled paper bag. He sports a fedora and an oversized brown coat that has seen better days. His skin is the translucent brown of the dregs at the bottom of a pot of coffee at a cheap diner. His dog, Missy, is a boxer with floppy, spittle-flecked jowls and wide round eyes. Her toned muscles are clearly visible under her flat fur. It seems he takes better care of her than he does himself


Background: Chuck grew up in the South Side, and he’ll die in the South Side. The difference between him and his friends who have already bought the farm is brains. So long as he stays a step ahead of the game, he figures, he’ll keep alive (and maybe make a few bucks to boot).

Chuck Fischer

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