Undead Racketeer


Quote: “Come on, friends. I don’t know a leech alive who couldn’t use a little scratch.”

Description: With slate-gray skin, sunken, sallow features and an almost comically long, crooked nose, Scratch’s very appearance threatens the Masquerade. Luckily, he has long mastered the power of moving unseen among the masses. This freedom from mortal mores of fashion or decency allows him to affect the fashions of his own time. He usually wears an old, worn zoot suit, including pointed shoes and a wide-brimmed hat replete with a sagging old feather. The occasional roach or centipede escapes from the folds of the suit, only to vanish again into the loose sleeves or collar.


Background: A gangster in life, Scratch transitioned into the undead state with minimal difficulty. Scratch prospered during the Roaring 20s, but he also developed a dark thirst for the souls of other Kindred. He ran afoul of one of the elders of the day and was beaten into a torpor that he didn’t wake from for almost half a century. But now he’s back, rebuilding his criminal machine and looking for bright, ambitious young blood to oil the gears.


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