Maggie Archer

South Side Sheriff


Quote: “This city provides a lot for you. It’s time for you to give a little back.”

Description: A late bloomer who never got the chance to fully develop, Maggie combines the thin, boyish physique of an adolescent with the cold eyes of an experienced politico. Fiery red hair frames her long face in a flapper bob, and her fashion sense tends towards the beat poet era. Her dark clothing and sharp movements give her the impression of being a flickering shadow.


Background: Maggie grew up during the fight for Suffrage, a battle that her mother devoted her life (and lost her husband) to. Maggie stalked the picket lines as soon as she was able, and was rewarded on her nineteenth birthday with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. She attended nearby University of Chicago in the early twenties, intending to enter politics. She never finished school, plucked from life and dropped into the Requiem at 21. Since then she has watched Englewood, the neighborhood of her birth, fall into absolute decay. As a vassal to the Matriarch she gained feudal rights over Englewood, Washington Park and part of Hyde Park, and as a sheriff she has legal jurisdiction over much of the South Side. Neither aspect has made her unlife particularly pleasant; she takes what help she can get, sometimes using those who haven in her domain to perform the work she can’t.

Maggie Archer

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